Divorce and eye-watering legal fees need not go hand in hand. There is another way.

We are living in changing times.  Where the old and accepted ways of doing things are no longer working for us.  We need a new approach.

And this is very true of ‘the way things are’ when it comes to money and ending a marriage or civil partnership.

It can be all too easy to become preoccupied with the minute details and miss the obvious fact that your finances are being sapped by ever-spiralling legal fees and legal spending.

Stop Paying Out! is designed to empower you by giving you the knowledge you need to escape the well-trodden path to bank account depletion, by showing you strategies to keep your spending in check during your divorce or civil partnership dissolution.

Packed with useful tips and step-by-step case studies, Stop Paying Out! will show you the ultimate process for saving money, practical ways to reduce what you spend and precisely how to slash your legal fees.  You will learn how to get legal advice without paying for it, how to put money back into your pocket and where to find other free sources of legal advice.

It really is possible to radically reduce what you pay for when ending your marriage or civil partnership – whether you use a lawyer or decide to go it alone and handle all or some of your case yourself.

Order your copy of my book, Stop Paying Out! today.  It will save you £1000s.

Stop Paying Out! – Kindle and paperback

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Count yourself lucky: this is the book that will help you avoid haemorrhaging money — which you may not have – keep control, and stay sane.

Written from hard-won experience, concise and clear, this book lists dozens of UK organisations that can help. The author shares transferable, sensible tips, proving one thing: you can save money by doing as much as possible yourself, appoint lawyers when you absolutely have to, and survive. Lists of resources, glossary, index, it is all there.

Do not stint on the price of this well-produced, slim volume – it will be worth every penny.

If finances already are very tight, here, in the spirit of this book, is my own tip: ask your local library to buy it. If it cannot, buy it anyway. It will become your friend.

Claire Trocmé
1st May 2019