Debbie - Going to Court Alone
Debbie Thomas

I am passionate about helping you to achieve the right outcome for you.

I am a professional McKenzie Friend based in Brighton – and I cover Brighton, the rest of Sussex, Surrey and further afield.

I offer legal help without the law firm price tag.

So, whether you are dealing with family or civil matters, I can help you.

How it all began…

I know only too well how difficult it can be to represent yourself in court.  And I know this from personal experience.

I managed my own divorce from start to finish. I attended court on my own without a solicitor or barrister – as a litigant in person.

My case was complex and involved repeated court hearings and a mountain of legal paperwork.  But I kept going and after years of court hearings, I was successful, and a judge awarded me everything I asked for.

I am now putting that wealth of knowledge and experience to good use – to help you achieve your own desired outcome.


My legal background

I have a law degree and my studies included: legal principles, legal theory and legislation.

I have written extensively for legal journals, international law publications and covered legal cases online for a number of years.

My background means I am well-versed in legal jargon and how the legal system works.  This knowledge has stood me in good stead when dealing with legal issues and concepts in court or in writing.

All the documentation I work on for you will be well-written, clearly argued, relevant and effective.


CLOCK Legal Companion

During my law degree I volunteered as a Legal Companion for the Community Legal Outreach Keele (CLOCK) project in Brighton courts.

As a CLOCK volunteer I gave free legal help and support to those who attended the CLOCK desk.  I helped with court paperwork, court hearings and referrals to specialist organisations.


Professional McKenzie Friend

I have worked informally as a McKenzie Friend for over 10 years.

I am a professional McKenzie Friend and am a full member of the Society of Professional McKenzie Friends and of Family Law Assistance.

I work according to the McKenzie Friend Practice Guidance.

And I adhere to the Society of Professional McKenzie Friends Code of Conduct for McKenzie Friends.

I am registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (to ensure I handle and process your data according to the law).

I am fully insured and hold Professional Indemnity Insurance.

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Please note:
I have a law degree but I am not a lawyer.
This means I can not sign documents on your behalf.
I can not speak to a judge on your behalf during your court hearing, unless a judge invites me to do so.

Portrait by: Antonia Kavaš