Your family case and the coronavirus

Your family case and the coronavirus

The lockdown is being lifted,  but what about your family case during these changing times?

I am continuing to offer McKenzie Friend services, and have made some adjustments, in response to the latest health guidance from the government.

If you are currently dealing with a family matter and would like my help, I can offer assistance as follows:

  1. Hearing attendance by conference call/secure video link**
  2. Meetings via a secure online link
  3. Meetings by telephone
  4. Ongoing telephone and email support

**Courts are now offering conference call and video hearings, and I can assist you during your remote hearings, wherever you are based in England. I understand that, in time, all remote hearings will be conducted via video link only.

In my experience, judges are willing to continue to allow McKenzie Friends to attend hearings (remotely), particularly if the McKenzie Friend has attended hearings at that court before (with the same litigant-in-person – a person without legal representation).

New and current clients

I will continue to meet with new and current clients, but all meetings will be held remotely rather than in person – by telephone or via a secure online link, whichever works best for you.

I will continue to provide telephone and email support while working with you, as usual.

Please check this page regularly as I will continue to provide updates here as new, official information emerges.

Stay safe.

Last updated: 17th December 2020

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