Debbie is incredible and I would recommend her to anyone that needs to be, or chooses to be a litigant in person

I found Debbie through a recommendation.  I have used four solicitors and three mediators over the last four years during my process of divorce, financial wranglings and child access arrangements for my young daughter.

The process has been fraught, emotional and at times exhausting.  I had also spent a huge amount of money on navigating the legal and social system to put myself and my daughter in a place I felt comfortable with.

By the time I found Debbie I was at the end of my tether had accessed all services available to me, used a barrister and two expensive solicitors.  When Debbie came along it felt like a blessing!  Finally, someone who understood from the inside how I might be feeling as a parent and also a woman trying to do my best for my daughter.  Debbie was efficient, helpful, kind, understanding and after nearly bankrupting myself in this process was finally someone I could afford.

If I could take back all the money I spent on ‘legal’ professionals working for firms, I would!  And I would pass it all Debbie’s way, I got more from Debbie that helped me finalise and end the process for my daughter and I, than I did from any other person I worked with.

Taking Debbie to court with me was so reassuring.  I would have been willing to agree to things that I would have regretted the next day.  Having Debbie remind me of what my priorities were for me and my daughter meant that I could take some space and reflect.

Debbie is incredible and I would recommend her to anyone that needs to be or chooses to be a litigant in person.

In fact, after meeting Debbie I would say that anyone would be better off acting on their own behalf with Debbie as advice, guidance and a wise and experienced supportive professional.

Claire GBrighton