How to change to a new McKenzie Friend

How to change to a new McKenzie Friend

You may be thinking about changing to a different McKenzie Friend for any number of reasons.

For example:

  • You want a fresh perspective
  • You want someone local
  • You need someone with specific knowledge or experience
  • Your current McKenzie Friend is not available
  • Your current McKenzie Friend is not/no longer right for you

Whatever your reasons may be, here are some ideas to show you how to make the transition to a new McKenzie Friend a smooth one.

Choose a new McKenzie Friend

Here’s how:

  • Draw up a list of things you want your new McKenzie Friend to have/offer
  • Run an online search for ‘McKenzie Friends in name of your town or county
  • Read the profiles of the McKenzie Friends you find
  • Draw up a McKenzie Friend shortlist
  • Contact the McKenzie Friends on your shortlist and ask these questions
  • Choose and book in your new McKenzie Friend

To keep things professional and for a smooth transition, follow the steps below.

Contact your current McKenzie Friend

Next, wrap things up with your current McKenzie Friend by:

  • Making a curtesy call to your current McKenzie Friend (to let them know that you no longer need their services)
  • Getting them to return copies of any original documents to you
  • Getting them to send you copies of any notes (e.g. taken during hearings)
  • Settling any outstanding bills

Other tips

Where to find a McKenzie Friend

You should be able to find most McKenzie Friends online, either through their own website or on a third-party portal or database.

How to make sure your McKenzie Friend is the right fit for you

When drawing up your shortlist of preferred McKenzie Friends, try asking someone who knows you well to do the same.  Afterwards, compare your lists.  You may find that you have both chosen the same people.

Give it enough time

Try to give yourself enough time to make the change to avoid having to make a hurried decision.  For example, as soon as you have been given a date for your hearing (or before), start making enquiries.  If you leave it too late, your chosen McKenzie Friend may not be available on the dates you need them to be.

Amicable and open communications

As a matter of courtesy, let your current McKenzie Friend know that you are moving on.  While you under no obligation to say why you have decided to make a change, it can be a useful opportunity to share constructive feedback with your McKenzie Friend or to provide a testimonial.

Get more information about McKenzie Friends here.

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