Civil disputes

I can work with you on disputes about products or services and related contracts – with another person or an organisation.

For example, a company may not be keeping to the terms of a contract, or is breaking the law.  A company may have sold you a faulty item and is refusing to give you a refund, or it may not have provided the service you paid for.

Small claims

Form filling and support for claims against companies or individuals.  What to do and when, preparing for your small claim, online form filling.

Disputes and professional letter-writing service

Have you:

Bought a faulty or unsuitable product and been refused a refund?

Not received the product or service you paid for?

Been given an unfair parking ticket and want to appeal it?

Then my personalised and professional email and letter-writing service is for you.

I have gained a wealth of experience over the years in this area and as a highly experienced legal writer, I know the precise note to strike.

Successful civil cases

Here are a few of my many recent successes.

  • Health service provider paid compensation for unlawfully sharing personal data with a third party
  • Major clothing retailer reversed its ‘no refunds on sale items’ rule and issued a full refund
  • Bespoke furniture company provided the modification it had originally agreed to provide
  • Traffic penalty body overturned a local authority parking fine and related fees
  • Leading insurance company paid out on an insurance claim it had originally refused to cover
  • High street bank cancelled substantial overdraft fees – and froze further fees until an agreed date in the future
  • National water company covered the cost of repairs carried out by a third party

While every situation is different, in many cases, I have written a single letter or a single email and obtained positive results.

Let’s talk about your civil dispute.  Book your free consultation today.